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#31, Mark Howie

By admin | 19 April 2012 | Pro Stocks | | 0 Comments   

Drivers Profile:

Division: Pro Stock

Name: Mark Howie

Age: 50

Hometown: Whittemore Michigan

Car#: 31

Years In Racing: 18

Car Owner: Me

Crew Members: Crew Chief Larry Rogner

Sponsors: Stern Electic and Toppers Tree Service of Whittemore, PRNDL Transmision and Auto Repair -Corner of M55 and M65, Whittemore, MI,
Iosco County Towing

Family: wife shelly ann three awsome daughters oldest cassie , middle daughter jennifer and baby girl madison and son mark jr(future racer)

Job Info: mechanic

Racing Accomplishments: 14 feature checkers and 12 heat race wins and 2 austrailion pursuit wins

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