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AJ Ward Captures Second Greased Pig

By admin | 15 June 2014 | Headlines | | 0 Comments   

AJ Ward Captures Second Greased Pig

06/13/2014 (Auburn MI) It has been four years since the New Tri-City Motor Speedway reopened and introduced stock car racing fans to exciting dirt action.  In honor of the fourth anniversary of that moment,   TCMS held the Greased Pig 4.0 event that paid $1014 to the winner of the Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modified division.  With that big pay day for the winner, the win also ensures that the driver will be on the National IMCA All-Star Ballot for a chance to run in a bigger show at IMCA’s home track in Boone, Iowa in September.  Despite unusually cold temperatures for June, a great turn out of cars and fans showed up to celebrate the tracks milestone.

With 24 Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modifieds parked in the pits, getting into the 20 car, 31-lap feature was not going to be an easy ticket.  Heat races turned into 13-lap qualifiers to set the first 15 spots for the A-main.  #42 Craig Vance, #4s Toby Steele, and defending Greased Pig and reigning points champion, #20w AJ Ward won those preliminary events.  #T1 John Taylor had to win the B-Main in order to find a spot in the big race.  #511 Chaz Pray and #776k Ken Zeigler would lead the field of 20 to the green flag.  However, before the field completed the first lap, fourth place starter Vance would jump out front.  He would dominate the first twenty laps of the event as Ward would have to weave through traffic to find the leader.  He would take the pass for the lead on lap 21.  Vance would attempt to make an inside pass in turn three when his car caught a rut and sent him into one of the track tires.  Vance would launch over the tire and barrel-rolled twice before coming to a stop on his wheels.  Vance would walk away unhurt, but the car would not fare so well.  This would bunch up the field for the final ten laps.  Ward seemed to be well on his way to another win at TCMS once they went back to green.  On the final lap, the caution came out and bunched the field one more time.  As the green and white flags flew, rookie driver #71 Brenten DeYoung would take the lead out of turn two.  Ward had to dive into turn three and hope to pull off a perfect slide-job in four to make it back to the finish line victorious.  Ward would capture that second Greased Pig with Deyoung settling for second.  #19 Joey Fowler, #33 Todd Matheson, and #776k Ken Zeigler completed the top five finishers.

There were no surprises as to the winners of the heat races for the Comp Cam Late Models.  Defending Champion #0x Zach Olger and #0p Kris Patterson Jr. showed early muscle to capture the checkered flags.  With the track having much more grip due to cloud cover and cool temperatures, horsepower was the rule for the twenty five lap feature that was led to the green flag by #24p Joe Pomeroy and #5 Brook Brasington.  Pomeroy would lead the opening lap before #24 Alex Hupert took over.  He would lead the next three laps before Olger would take his familiar spot at the front of the field.  He would run a number of lap times that would be quicker than the Late Model track record and looked like it was going to be his night.  However, lapped traffic would be his nemesis as he found difficulty moving around the slower traffic.  This allowed #21 David Hilliker to eventually challenge for the lead.  At lap 19, he would pull alongside Olger and make his bid for the top spot.  They would dual for the final five laps with Hilliker beating Olger to the checkered flag by a half-car length.  This would be Hilliker’s first dirt feature victory at TCMS.  Patterson Jr, #117 Kevin Reeve, and Pomeroy were third through fifth.

Steven’s Cycle Sales and Service Stock V6 Bomber class saw a different name in victory lane as #99 Dustin Beauchamp would pick up the checkered flag in the heat race.  In the feature, though, it was once again #K11 Kendal Morrison that blew away the competition.  Morrison keeps his feature winning streak going and continues to stretch his points advantage in this class.  #65 Garrett Laudenslager, #74 Andre Bergevin, #09 Jack Freese, and Beauchamp were the top five.
In the Auburn Hotel Bar and Grill Street Stocks, # 51 Todd Winchell got another shot at leading the feature as he and #73tr Kyle Reilly would bring the full field to the green flag.  The first nine laps belonged to Winchell before 2011 champion #7r Dave Newcomb would take over the top spot.  Last week’s winner #28 Jared Rizer was able to track down Newcomb but missed the win by just a few feet.  The win was Newcomb’s third of the season.  The rest of the top five behind Newcomb and Rizer were Reilly, #3c Mitch Clements, and #8 Aaron Spearling.  Heat gold was captured by Clements, #27 Calvin Jacques, and Reilly.

#21 Steven Hilliker has won every feature so far in 2014, so he was an obvious clear favorite in the Elgin Pro Stock division.  #71 Timmy Near, #3 Loren Short, and #03w JC Witherspoon were victorious in the heat races.  #116 Allen Markel had to win the B-main to make it into the 20-lap main event.  #16 Rob Westergard would lead the first lap of the feature before the first caution came out that collected many of the top runners, including Hilliker.  All drivers involved were able to continue, but it looked like Hillikers chance at going undefeated may have disappeared.  As they went back to racing, Short would take the lead.  However, Hilliker was still fast and was moving his battered machine through traffic.  Short, was able to out motor Hilliker to pick up his first Pro Stock feature win.  Hilliker would have to settle for the runner-up spot.  He was followed by Near, Witherspoon, and #44k Kevin Harder.

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06/13/2014 Bailey Insurance Winners:

Comp Cams Late Models: #21 David Hilliker

6.13.2014 Feature Winner Website-1


Auburn Hotel Bar and Grill Street Stocks: #7r Dave Newcomb
6.13.2014 Feature Winner Website-6







Elgin Pro Stocks: #3 Loren Short
Prostock 3 Feature Winner Website-1








Steven’s Cycle Sales Stock V6 Bombers:  #K11 Kendall Morrison
6.13.2014 Feature Winner Website-5







Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modified: #20w AJ Ward


AJ Feature Winner Website-1