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Rain Policy

Tri-City Motor Speedway Rain Policy


A rainout is when a race is cancelled due to rain. In the event of a rainout once the gates open and before half of the scheduled events for the evening are complete, (your receipt not your wristband for the grandstands and wristband only for the pits) from that night is your raincheck for admission to one of the next 2 races. Your ticket is good for equal or lesser value admission. In the event the next week’s admission is higher, you will pay the difference when redeeming a raincheck.In the event that you can not return in the next 2 weeks you may call the track phone 989-316-6804 during the week for a voucher for a different race. Check the website for any re-scheduling of events that were rained out.

Rain Delay
A rain delay is when the race is officially delayed. Then the track will be attempted to be brought back to racing conditions. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded and rainchecks will not be issued in the event of a rain delay. If the track can’t be returned to racing conditions, you will be notified over the PA system that we have rained out for the evening.


If it is raining before the race…
If it is raining before the start of a race, the Tr-City Motor Speedway Crew has been hard at work protecting the track from the elements. This being the case, if the rain stops before the scheduled start time, there might be a rain delay and the scheduled events will continue as planned.

If it begins to rain during the race…
If it begins to rain during the race, the Tri-City Motor Speedway Crew will quickly work to return the track to safe racing conditions. At this time, the TCMS staff will work with the racers, along with local weather outlets, to ascertain the immediate weather outlook. If TCMS feels that the inclement weather will pass, a rain delay is put into effect. If TCMS feels that the inclement weather will not pass in a reasonable amount of time, an official rainout is announced.

If a rainout is declared after half of the nights scheduled events have been completed, the night will be considered complete and there will be no rainchecks.

Click here to sign up for text alerts in the event of a rainout.

The Tri-City Motor Speedway staff appreciates your cooperation.