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Greased Pig 3.0 Official Results

By admin | 17 June 2013 | Headlines | | 0 Comments   

Greased Pig 3.0 Official Results

After review of the 36 lap, $1,033 to win IMCA Modified A-Main, AJ Ward in the #20w has been declared the official winner. Tri-City Motor Speedway and IMCA wanted to be certain the #20w car was conforming to the IMCA Modified sanctioned rules and all parts were functioning correctly.

As many were aware, there was an extensive tech process following the A-Main event Friday. The part in question was the MSD ignition rev limiter. One test of the box passed and the other was inconclusive. To get an official test of the MSD box, the ignition system was sent in to MSD for testing. The results from MSD were that the MSD box was not tampered with and functions correctly and that corrosion inside the chip socket was not giving proper results when using the ignition tester.

Tri-City Motor Speedway would like to thank all competitors in their patience with completing the tech inspection process.