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#K11, Kendall Morrison

By admin | 07 May 2013 | V6 FWD | | 0 Comments   

Drivers Profile:

Division: Stock FWD

Name: Kendall Morrison

Age: 12

Hometown: Bay City

Car#: K11

Years In Racing: 8 years

Car Owner: Robert Morrison

Crew Members: Robert Morrison, Tina Morrison

Sponsors: Kerkau Mfg, Stan’s Gold Mine, Terry’s Auto Parts, Carlson’s Repair

Family: Dad – Robert Morrison, Mom – Tina Morrison, Brother – DJ Johnson, Sisters – Bethany Johnson, Kaitee Dobroc, and Heather Johnson, Nieces -Maci and Alea

Job Info: Still in school

Racing Accomplishments: 2012 finished 3rd in point and rookie of the year.

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