6/30/2017 Rain Info & Rescheduled Events - Tri-City Motor Speedway - Auburn, MI | Friday Night Dirt Track Racing
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6/30/2017 Rain Info & Rescheduled Events

6/30/2017 Rain Info & Rescheduled Events

Rain, rain go away! Here's all of 6/30/2017 information and rescheduled events.

  • Double features will be ran 7/7/17. CLICK HERE for Order of Events.

  • Fireworks are rescheduled for 7/14/2017.

  • Figure 8 will be rescheduled for 8/11/2017 Season Championship Night.

  • Half of the races are complete and no rain checks will be issued. Click here to view the rain policy.

  • We are issuing gift cards to the fans who purchased admission 30 minutes before it started raining (8:47pm - 9:17pm). CLICK HERE to view list.
    To receive our gift card code, email a picture of your receipt to erika@tricityracetrack.com no later than 7/13/2017 and include your first and last name. The gift card code will be emailed back to you and can be used at the track at any booth and through our online store. It cannot be used to purchase online admission or at concessions. Comp tickets used the last 30 minutes before it started raining will not be refunded.

  • 50/50 & prize drawings can be claimed at the Shirt Shack next week or by email (erika@tricityracetrack.com). You must send a picture of your ticket to claim by email. You can see photos of the claimed & unclaimed tickets on our Facebook page.

  • $20 Pajot Feed Gift Certificate: Green 011646 (not claimed)

  • Ag-Bag Gift Pack: Brayden Harsh (Claimed)

  • Complete Detail from Krapohls Body Shop: Pink 938423 (Claimed), Pink 942950 (not claimed), Green 011544 (not claimed), Green 008630 (claimed)

  • $25 Beer & Brats Gift Card: Pink 938419 - Claimed

  • 50/50 $400 cash: Green 3057961 - Claimed

  • 50/50 $245 cash: Pink 938418 - Claimed

Please do a special "stay away rain dance" for us! Hope you have a great rest of our holiday weekend and stay dry.

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