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Ohio Driver Sprints to Tri-City Feature Victory

By admin | 19 May 2012 | Headlines | | 0 Comments   

05/18/12 WINNERS:

PRW Late Models: #Op Kris Patterson Jr

J&L Transport IMCA Modified: #EZ1 Don Hintz

Auburn Hotel Street Stock: #7 Dave Newcomb

Elgin Pro Stocks: #94 Chad Raby

J&D Landscaping Mini Sprints: #4 Chris Smalley


Fans Choice Best Looking Car

LM- #75 Rod Laney

IMCA- #37 Mike Spencer

SS- #51 Todd Winchell

PS- #40 Ron Bieri




Ohio Driver “Sprints” to Tri-City Feature Victory


05/18/12 (Auburn MI)   Seventy-seven drivers were on hand for the second night of racing at the New Tri-City Motor Speedway.  Drivers were greeted with a very slick track that proved finesse would be more important that horsepower for those that wanted to find victory lane.

J&D Landscaping is sponsoring a three race series for Mini-Sprint drivers in 2012.  Nine drivers came for the first night of the points battle and were able to take an opportunity to Break the Track record of 12.689 set in 2011.  Although no one could top that mark, Remus driver (#29k) Terry Walch had the quickest lap of 13.942 (approx 98 MPH lap average). At feature time, it was (#12) Tom Hunt and Waverly Ohio driver, (#8) Chris Smalley that were charge of bringing the field to the green flag.  Smalley jumped out front immediately and was never challenged leading all twenty laps.  (#8) Justin Ward, (#84) Bill Dunham, Walch, and Hunt would complete the top five finishers.  Walch and Dunham would also victorious in their heat races.


There was an increased car count for PRW Late Model Division over last week.  Sixteen VERY stong competitors were on hand to keep last week’s winner (#55w) Roger Wing from capturing a second consecutive feature win.  Lake driver, (#87) Josh Knoll and rookie (#24) Alex Hupert had the best view of the green flag that was thrown to start the twenty-five lap feature event.  However, it was Midland’s (#001) Joe Hanson that would take over the lead before lap one was complete.  He would hold on to that lead until just after the half-way point of the race when (#0jr) Kris Patterson  took over the top spot.  No one was able to challenge Patterson once he took control and he ended topping the field.  Wing, after starting eighth had to settle for the runner-up spot.  Hanson was able to keep a podium finish of third.  Fourth place was (#6r) Carl Ries with fifth belonging to (#20) Dan Delong.   Heat gold was earned by Hanson and Patterson.

Twelve drivers started the Elgin Pro Stock feature with (#M65) Rick Spencer and last year’s points runner-up (#41) JC Witherspoon bringing the field to the green for their twenty lap money race.  Spencer started strong by building a large lead over the field.  However, eighth place starter, and last week’s winner, (#94) Chad Raby was working his way quickly through the field.  Within six laps, Raby would take the lead from Spencer and won the event by over a half lap over the rest of the field.  Raby has now won two in a row and has won five of the seven events he has entered in the last two seasons.   (#01) Randy Radabaugh, Spencer, (#40) Bieri, and (#77) Kevin Morell finished with top five accolades. Spencer and Raby took the heat races earlier in the evening.

Twenty-one Auburn Hotel Street Stocks took the green flag led by (#10) Brent Reil and (#99) Rick Beauchamp.  After a number of restarts Reil was able to finally get an opportunity to lead some green flag laps.  However, that lead would be short lived as last year’s champions (#7) Dave Newcomb capitalized on his row two start to wrestle the lead from Reil.  Beauchamp and (#21d) Darren Mularz were think in the battle with Reil and Newcomb.  Reil would end up having to pull into the infield after a motor issue and left it to a three car battle.  (#7g) Dan Krause Jr tried to get into the lead battle but fell short as Newcomb would pick up his first feature of the season. He was followed by Beauchamp, Mularz, Krause, and (#75) Kenny Keller Jr.  Reil picked up a heat race victory as well as Beauchamp and Newcomb.

Twenty-Three J&L Transport IMCA Modifieds were ready to compete Friday night.  Shepherd driver, (#Z) Mark Bohannon and (#72) Terry Gittins were in charge of starting the final feature of the night.  Bohannon got the jump on the field and led the first few laps of the event before (EZ1) Don Hintz was able to make the move to take the point.  He was the man to beat for the majority of the event.  (#7d) Myron Deyoung made his charge to the front and gave Hintz many challenges.  With just a couple laps remaining, Deyoung and Hintz made contact coming out of turn four which forced Deyoung to retire early due to mechanical issues.  Hintz was then able to hold the lead and take the checkered flag of the twenty lap feature.  Hintz apologized to Deyoung  saying “that he didn’t know that Deyoung was underneath him”.  Bohannon was able to hold on to second.  Crystal Motor Speedway champion (#20w) AJ Ward made his way from ninth spot to finish third with (#19f) Joe Fowler and (#78) Brody Bowser completing the top five.  Heats were won by Bowser, DeYoung, and Hintz.  The B-Main was captured by 14-year old (#14) Chris Barton.


Next week, our four regular divisions (LM, IMCA, PS, SS) will be back in action as well as round one of our Figure-Eight series which will pay $488 to the winner.  In addition, a fireworks display will also help kick off the Memorial Day weekend!  Gates open at 5pm, hot laps at 6:45pm, Beat the Track Record at 7:30pm and racing at 7:55pm.  If you can’t make it, follow all the results via Twitter at !  Also, for more information regarding drivers or the 2012 schedule, you can find us at !  Got Dirt?  Get it this season at the New Tri City Motor Speedway!!!