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Tri-City Motor Speedway 2015 Addicted to DIRT! Schedule - 2015

As of July 03, 2015

Dirt Late Models

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1David Hilliker888298
2Kris Patterson Jr2458257-41
3Isaac Wolfgang158255-43
4Andrew Terrill258253-45
5Joe Pomeroy148250-48
6Chad Anklam248243-55
7Ryan Lanphierd58241-57
8Derrick Hilliker157237-61
9Alex Hupert366229-69
10Mike Staszak127219-79

IMCA Modifieds

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Myron Deyoung2889340
2A.J. Ward4789333-7
3Toby Steele359285-55
4Rusty Zeigler169281-59
5Chris Cohoon249274-66
6Chaz Pray159272-68
7Tanner Pray158267-73
8Ken Zeigler139260-80
9Todd Matheson277245-95
10Mitchell Hunt38238-102

Pro Stocks

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Steven Hilliker6889347
2Rick Spencer799333-14
3John Robbins599323-24
4Brent Reil1589317-30
5Randy Radabaugh399308-39
6Kendall Morrison188292-55
7Gary Shank577262-85
8Kyle Reilly148246-101
9Rick Beauchamp67227-120
10Timmy Near1456219-128

Street Stocks

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Jared Rizer2999342
2Dave Newcomb2789330-12
3Eric Lake1679310-32
4Ryan Fitzgerald189298-44
5Todd Winchell1149279-63
6Ryan Buechler39260-82
7Kevin Strong2667257-85
8David Lester39248-94
9Robert Cunningham19242-100
10Garrett Laudenslager127216-126

Bomber Stocks

View All
PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Jack Freese4677228
2Stacie Staszak1777226-2
3Andy Koczenasz1555164-64
4Preston Deshano122269-159
5Mercedes Kosha22262-166
6Henry Ritter11133-195
7kenny winnet11132-196

Figure 8

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PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Eric Lake222280
2Randy Radabaugh22278-2
3Marc Super22271-9
4Jc Witherspoon12271-9
5Dan Krause Jr2266-14
6Todd Winchell1263-17
7Ricky Smith11138-42
8Ray Derminer11137-43
9Bob Kosha11136-44
10Rick Beauchamp1134-46
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