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Pro Stock Final Updates (11-15-13)

By admin | 20 November 2013 | Headlines | | 1 Comment   

We recently posted 2 updates to the  2014 Pro Stock Rule book. There was a miscommunication on our end and there was supposed to be 3 updates. The third update was for the expanding the spring mounting location options. To view the revision go to the Pro Stock Rule Book. In the first 2 updates, we had realized that the rear trailing arm maximum length was too short and we increased the maximum length allowed to 28″ for the rear trailing arms. There was also an adjustment on the Pro Stock Carb Claim. The claim amount was raised to $150 with all the money going to the car being claimed (no swap). There will not any additional updates to the Pro Stock Rules before the 2014 season. Sorry for the confusion, TCMS Staff