Tri-City Motor Speedway - Auburn, MI | Friday Night Dirt Track Racing
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From Dumping Grounds back to a Race Track

Tri-City Motor Speedway is continually renovating the property and making improvements to enhance the fan and driver experience. Renovations fall under our core value of sustainability.

"We will keep racing affordable for both racers and fans while making improvements and renovations with cash on hand to ensure our business is stable through all economic times."

Renovations 2009-2011

A Little History

TCMS opened in 1947 after the coal mine shut down the year prior. The track closed in 2004 and sat vacant. Steve Puvalowski purchased the track from an auction in 2009 at the age of 24. Click here for a longer history lesson.

Property at Time of Purchase

After the track closed in 2004, the property was abandoned and vandalized. The concession building had spoiled food in the refrigerator, the old tower was trashed and the bathrooms were falling apart.

The facility was overgrown, the seating was rotted, windows were busted out and large piles of concrete where dumped on the property by nearby construction workers.

Initial Property Renovations

Steve renovated the track and the property for 18 months with a small crew of family & friends, volunteers and hired help.

The grandstand seating was relocated from the 8 Mile Road side to the newly built grandstands off of Wheeler Road. New wooden seating was purchased and an announcer box was constructed.

Unknown to Steve, the dirt track was being constructed on top of the old mine shaft. The mine shaft was discovered during the initial renovations and required added equipment and expense to make it safe for racing on.

The new safety fence was added for the grandstand and pit spectators with reinforced cable and 10' tall chain-link fencing.

The Kawkawlin River runs behind the property and floods each spring. A ditch was dug to hold the extra water, and a new drainage system was installed in the track to help quickly dry the property.

In order to add a driveway off of Wheeler Road and add 750 parking spaces, 39 acres of land was purchased in 2010. The farmer across from the track would charge $2 for fans to park on his land. Fans often blocked 8 Mile Road traffic while waiting to get into the races.

In the fall of 2013, the government environmental agency filled in the coal mine shaft with 432 yards of concrete.

Open for Racing!

The all new Tri-City Motor Speedway re-opened on June 17, 2011 with a 3/8 mile dirt race track. Since the property is old, there are ongoing projects being completed to enhance the fan and racer experience.

Current Renovations

2019 Renovations & Upgrades

    • Added gravel and expanded out grandstand concourse
    • Moved handicapped parking and added overflow parking spots
    • Added concrete motorcycle parking spots
    • Made safety improvements to pedestrian walkway and driveway layout
    • Added kids race track toys in grandstands and pits

    2018 Renovations & Upgrades

      • Removed trees from parking lot D. Planted grass to add additional close parking spots.
      • Planted 85 pine trees along property line.
      • Poured 6 additional cement parking spots in pits
      • Repainted all grandstands
      • Made 2 additional Faster Pastor cars

      2017 Renovations & Upgrades

        • Installed handrails in 2 of 3 grandstands
        • Added 250 seats by expanding grandstands
        • Upgraded Point of Sales System technology to better service fans
        • Replaced 80' of property line fence from wind storm damage
        • Replaced drainage tile between turns 3 & 4
        • Replaced roof on pit-side tower
        • Upgraded Pit PA system and added FM transmitter
        • Added 500 yards of clay to track's surface

        2016 Renovations & Upgrades

          • Poured 7 cement parking slabs
          • Tiled half of grass parking lots
          • Added cement around building doorways
          • Added 7 loads of gravel in pits
          • Added 2 drains in grass parking lots
          • Finished pits walk through tunnel
          • Repainted three sets of grandstands
          • Added a 1/4 mile white fence in parking lots
          • Poured cement in the hot pits
          • Landscape Wheeler Road Entrance
          • Made 4 Faster Pastor bomber stock race cars
          • Turned pit concessions building for better flow
          • Add gravel by pit concessions, level ground, move fuel tanks
          • Add pit side grilling station
          • Cut down 100' dying tree by office (preventing future damage)
          • Fixed and widened Victory Lane access gate
          • Fixed 8 Mile Steel Fence from leaning
          • Replaced pit speakers and wiring
          • Moved fence line and lengthened grandstands 18'
          • Fenced in back path from pits to grandstands for quick pit access

          2015 Renovations & Upgrades

          • Launched a user-friendly website
          • Built a new ticket booth
          • Replaced grandstand speakers
          • Installed 7 drains in the grass pits
          • Cleaned up front entrance - Bye bye bathroom trailer and Ticket Booth.
          • Planted grass seed in parking lots
          • Scraped and repaint grandstand’s white wall
          • Added a road sign for the Wheeler Road entrance
          • Took down and relocated old grandstands in pits
          • Cleaned up hill in pits
          • Added new clay to the track
          • Took down second white wall in pits
          • Cleaned up old tower walk-though in pits
          • Paint, paint, paint and lots of it!
          • Moved trailer out of dog run area
          • Renovated old announcer tower

          2014 Renovations & Upgrades

          • Ran 1,000 feet of underground pipes for future permanent bathrooms
          • Added permanent driveway and parking lot lights
          • Expanded the main parking area
          • Added walkways and finished 3rd set of grandstand seating
          • Took down old fencing and cleaned up white wall in pits
          • Cut down trees and leveled off hill along driveway into the pits
          • Cleaned up piles of tires, bus and other stuff laying around
          • Removed a pile of debris from grass parking lot
          • Donated old pit grandstands to the Auburn Cornfest
          • Reburied the transponder loop because it pushed up out of the ground
          • Added 210 tons of stone to driveway leading to grass pits

          2013 Renovations & Upgrades

          • Added more lighting for the Figure 8 track
          • Added more speakers in the pit area
          • Added more traffic lights for signaling race cars on the track

          2012 Renovations & Upgrades

          • Two coal mine shafts were filled with 432 yards of concrete
          • Bye bye generator! Consumers electric service installed.
          • Expanded pit area to add 70 parking spots for race cars
          • Poured 30 cement slabs for pit parking
          • Built a new Pit Booth
          • Built the Shirt Shack in the grandstands
          • Re-designed the fence and entry gates into the pit area
          • Added additional grandstands to increase the capacity by 500 people
          • Added fencing around the grandstands

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