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Vanderveen, Newcomb, Ward, Short, and Lake Winners at Tri City Motor Speedway

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Vanderveen, Newcomb, Ward, Short, and Lake Winners at Tri City Motor Speedway


06/27/2014 (Auburn MI) The Soaring Eagle Water Park and Hotel sponsored a full night of racing action.  The grandstands and pits alike were filled to capacity in anticipation of being a part of one of the most exciting nights of racing in 2014.  The 102 competitors that were on-hand did not disappoint nor did they dial back the competition level throughout any point of the evening.
In the Auburn Hotel Bar and Grill Street Stocks feature saw a number of different race leaders throughout the 20-lap affair.  #51 Todd Winchell, from the pole position, would lead a pair of opening laps before giving way to #73TR Kyle Reilly.  Reilly would hold onto that lead until lap 5 when #8 Aaron Spearling would take over the top spot.  Spearling would gather himself a strong lead and looked like it would be his day.  Spearling was looking for that first dirt feature win and would have to do so by outdriving former champion #7r Dave Newcomb, who had charged from his eleventh starting spot to fight for the win.  Newcomb was able to beat Spearling to the line by just a half car-length to pick up his third feature win of the season and take over the points lead.
Point leader in the Elgin Pro Stocks #21 Steven Hilliker had to win the B-Main in order to make the field of 20 for the feature.  Qualifying races were won by #53 Shane Aeshlimann, #3 Loren Short, and #71 Timmy Near.  #66 Rick Trewartha would lead the opening laps of the feature before #10 Brent Reil would lead a lap.  Short rode the high line and took over the lead on lap five.  Although many cautions would bunch the field, Short made it look easy and grabbed his second feature in a row.  Hilliker fought his way up a runner-up spot.  He was followed by #M65 Rick Spencer, Near and Reil.
One of the toughest Comp Cam Late Model fields in 2014 had to be whittled down to the nights best twenty for the feature event.  Qualifying races locked fifteen into the field and were won by #21h David Hilliker, #117 Kevin Reeve, and #23v Ryan Vanderveen.  The final five spots came from the B-main that was captured by #42 Bruce Vance.  Pole Sitter #X1 Justin Robinson would lead the first of 25 laps in the feature event before outside pole sitter #6r Carl Ries would jump out to a commanding lead.  After an early caution on lap one that sent #6m Dona Marcoullier to the rear, 21 consecutive green flag laps spread out the field.  This forced Ries to have to deal with lapped traffic.  This allowed Vanderveen to reel in Ries.  Vanderveen was able to make the winning pass on lap 17 and capture his second in a row for 2014.  Marcoullier would march back up to second place along with #0x Zach Olger, #24 Joe Pomeroy, and Vance as the top five.
The Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modified feature event was a nail biter and dramatic.   Heat winner’s #7d Myron DeYoung and #4s Toby Steele were the class of the field and looked as if the win was going to be decided between the two veterans.  However, during a caution for a spin with just two laps remaining, the field was stopped as someone’s car was leaking fluid around the track.  It was determined that it was the #7d and he was asked to pull to the pits.  This would hand the lead to Steele, who was on the cusp of breaking his long winless drought.  Steele chose the inside line for the restart.  As he entered turn two, he would hit moisture that would send him spinning and cost him his shot at the win.  #20w AJ Ward took his car, which would have likely finished third, to victory lane as the winner.  #26 Tom Sova, #19F Joe Fowler, #33 Todd Matheson, and #70 Scott Dann crossed the stripe in the top five.  #T1 John Taylor had won the other heat race.
Only 11 Cars took the green flag for the 20-lap Figure-8 feature.  However, those eleven put on the best figure-8 feature in the track’s brief dirt history.  A number of insanely close calls at the intersection had everyone wincing in fright and cheering with delight throughout the race.  #51 Todd Winchell would lead a handful of laps at the beginning before having mechanical woes.  In the end, it was #12 Eric Lake that would pick up the win for his first career TCMS victory.  He was followed by a hard-charging #8 Aaron Spearling, #81 Fred Dow, #0 Ray Derminer, and #88 Floyd Schalk.
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06/27/2014 Soaring Eagle Water Park and Hotel Winners:

Comp Cams Late Models: #23v Ryan Vanderveen
6.27.2014 Feature Winner Website-3







Auburn Hotel Bar and Grill Street Stocks: #7r Dave Newcomb
6.27.2014 Feature Winner Website-1







Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modified: #20w AJ Ward
6.27.2014 Feature Winner Website-4







Elgin Pro Stocks: #3 Loren Short
6.27.2014 Feature Winner Website-2







Figure 8: #12 Eric Lake
6.27.2014 Feature Winner Website-5