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Winners Repeat at Tri-City Motor Speedway

By admin | 27 May 2013 | Headlines | | 0 Comments   

 Winners Repeat at Tri-City Motor Speedway

05/24/2013 (Auburn MI)   Unseasonably cool temperatures tried to cool off the hot hands from last week, but speed prevailed throughout the night on the first of two events over the Memorial Day weekend at the new Tri-City Motor Speedway.  Joint Clutch and Gear were the title sponsors of the night’s six in one show.

Sixteen Late Models started the feature action with #5v Dan Vance and #75 Rod Laney bringing the small but tough field of drivers to the green flag.  Cautions seemed to plague the premier class and it seemed like there would not be a long string of green flag laps.  Laney would lead a handful of laps at the beginning before #20 Joe Hanson took over.  By lap 13, St John’s driver #0jr, Kris Patterson would take the point.  Opportunities came often for other drivers via late caution flags.  One caution included a scary flip on the front stretch from Marlette’s #50 Scott Phillips that brought out the red flag (driver was okay).  His set up a two lap shoot-out between last week’s winner #0x Zach Olger and Patterson.  Patterson was able to take advantage of a tacky and tough track to pick up his first feature of the season, beating out Olger.   Midland driver #21 David Hilliker was third and followed by Laney and #20d Dan Delong.  Heat races were captured by Patterson and #24 Alex Hupert.

After tough starts to the season, #4as Toby Steele and #7d Myron Deyoung had the opportunity to start at the front of the field for the start of the Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA feature event.  Deyoung would waste no time manipulating the fast but bumpy track and hold the lead.  However, drivers from the middle of the pack were quickly working their way toward the front to challenge the Stanton driver for the win.  Last week’s winner, #20w AJ Ward and 2011 champion #111 Josh Borton were the two that came after Deyoung for the top spot.  A number of cautions handed the lead back and forth over the 20-lap feature.  However, it was last week’s winner, Ward that would prevail after a green-white-checkered finish to pick up his second TCMS feature win of the season and his fourth for the season.  Deyoung and Borton would have to settle for second and third.  #14 Chris Barton and #776 Rusty Zeigler would complete the top five.  Heats were won by Deyoung and #42 Craig Vance.

For another week, the Auburn Hotel Bar and Grill Street Stock Division feature starting spot was the toughest ticket to get with thirty competitors in the pits. #57 TJ Gilbert, #119 Mike Sparks, #21t Kyle Thomas, #15.2 Joe Cunningham, and #28 Jared Rizer, won preliminary races to gain admittance to the feature.  #14 Ray Biskner Jr. and #34 Jerry Light took the field of twenty to the green flag.  Light would lead the first handful of laps before last week’s winner  #75s Kevin Strong took over the lead within three laps from his eleventh-place starting spot.  He would bring #119 Mike Sparks with him.  Strong, who set the track record earlier on with a lap time of 15.624 was able to use that speed to hold off Sparks for the win for the second week in a row.  Light finished third with Rizer and #8 Aaron Spearling taking top five finishes.

After a week off, the Elgin Pro Stocks were ready to get back to action on the 3/8 clay race surface. #71 Timmy Near, #21 Steven Hilliker, #94 Chad Raby, and #99 Rick Beauchamp proved to be early contenders for winning the twenty lap feature event.  Newcomers, #93 John Robbins and #35 Bob Fetters Sr led the feature field to the green flag.  Hilliker was able to wrestle the lead away from Rick Beauchamp before later dropping out.  #01 Randy Radabaugh, in his new car emerged as a contender for  the checkered flag, but Greenville’s #52 Ryan Kent had other ideas and took the lead in the final two laps to pick up his first feature win of 2013.  Radabaugh, Near, #24 Don Hintz, and #40 Ron Bieri took home top-five finishes.


The Steven’s Cycle Sales and Service FWD Stock Rockets are still growing in number and it was #95 Duane Winchell Jr. that swept both the heat and feature wins.  #K11 Kendall Morrison, defending champion #7 Tyler Morell, #99 Dustin Beauchamp, and #777 Dustin Vincent making up the top five finishers.


The first leg of the Figure-8 series saw #34 Jerry Oatley and #57 TJ Gilbert leading the field through the intersection to the green flag in the feature event.  Oatley emerged as the early favorite before getting caught up in lapped traffic.  This gave the lead to #72 Matt Erndt.  He, too, would experience mechanical problems and dropping him out of the chance to capture a feature win.  #10 Brent Reil, who started eighteenth on the field, was able to maneuver through the field and capture a big figure-eight win.  #1 Randy Radabaugh, from sixteenth finished in the runner-up.  #05 Anthony Williams, #7x Jeff Daniels, and #0 Ray Derminer completed the top five.

Next week is Kids Night at TCMS.  A full show with the Comp Cams Late Models, Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modifieds, Elgin Pro Stocks, Auburn Hotel Street Stocks, and Steven’s Cycle Front Wheel Drive Stock Rockets.  There will be an Autograph session for the youngsters.  7-13 year olds admission is just $1 while kids six and under get in for FREE!  Race time on Friday is at 7:55.  For more information regarding next week’s shows and any show in 2013, visit our website !  Come see what everyone is talking about at the New Tri City Motor Speedway!!!

05/24/2013 WINNERS:

Comp Cams Late Models: #0jr Kris Patterson Jr.
5.24.2013-Feature-Winner-Late Model #0p Kris Patterson Jr.   

Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modifieds: #20w AJ “Livewire” Ward
5.24.2013-Feature-Winner-IMCA Modified #20w AJ Ward

Auburn Hotel Bar and Grill Street Stocks: #75s Kevin Strong
5.24.2013-Feature-Winner-Street Stock #75 Kevin Srtong

Elgin Pro Stocks- #52 Ryan Kent
5.24.2013-Feature-Winner-Pro Stock #52 Ryan Kent

Steve Cycle Sales and Service FWD Stock Rockets- #95 Duane Winchell Jr
5.24.2013-Feature-Winner-Stock FWD Duane Winchell Jr.

Figure 8- #10 Brent Reil